Protection Dogs UK

Family Protection Dogs in the UK are a fairly new concept.  Protection dogs are the only home security that will put itself in harms way to defend those in his or her charge. K9 Protector produce highly trained family protection dogs that are sociable and balanced and yet capable of engaging an intruder or would-be attacker. A far cry from the guard dogs of commercial premises, our protection dogs are an integral part of your family.


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Protection Dogs UK

K9 Protector are experts in training and supplying personal protection dogs and family protection dogs.

We match the right protection dogs to you and your family ensuring smooth integration with your lifestyle which also maintains the happiness of the dog or dogs, depending if you require more than one protection dog for personal protection. Our experience and caring approach to training dogs for personal protection is evident in the dogs we supply, hence our message - The Sword at Your Side. Please view our Family Protection Dogs for sale in the UK

Highly-trained protection dogs

K9 ProtectorsOur highly trained protection dogs will protect you, your home and family.

We select only the very best working dogs from the most reliable sources in Europe, and we rigorously test each dog's suitability before it enters our training programme. We take only the very best dogs, and continually assess each dogs performance throughout an intensive training course carried out by experienced, professional protection dog trainers. The ones that meet our high standards emerge as sociable, confident dogs with the capability and commitment to fearlessly defend those they protect from any threat or attack.

From our base in Bath UK, a few minutes drive from the M4 motorway, we´ve trained K9 Protectors for families and individuals from all walks of life, both here in the UK and across Europe. And with over 80 years cumulative experience in Police Dog training and handling, we believe our expertise and knowledge is second to none.

All members of the K9 Protector team have trained and handled dogs in threatening and violent situations. This skill set is used to produce the very best protection dogs available anywhere in the UK. Our senior training staff have literally decades of experience in training police dogs in UK police services. They have trained hundreds of large breed dogs to home office strict standards and whilst the requirements of a protection dog are different to that of a police dog when a dog defends its owner there is little difference.

Contact K9 Protector today to discuss what you need. Or please view our protection dogs for sale; all of which are expertly trained personal protection dogs, executive protection dogs and family protection dogs. We have lots of satisfied customers that have invested in the ultimate peace of mind that only a K9Protector protection dog could provide. Visit our testimonial page to hear what they have to say....


Personal Protection Dog Trainers

K9 Protectors

Bob Pocock

Personal protection dog senior trainer Bob Pocock has over 43 years experience in handling and training police dogs in the UK. An integral part of the team; Bob brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to K9 Protector. Read more on our protection dog trainers


Protection Dog Trainer at K9 Protecter - Will Edwards

Personal protection dog Trainer Sian Beard had this to say about her role at K9Protector "I have worked for K9protector for over four years. My main duties are home testing fully trained adult dogs. The selecting of dogs to enter our breeding program. The whelping of the puppies and raising them into adulthood to become family protection dogs. It's so satisfying to take a puppy from birth to adulthood. Along this journey they become confident individuals through our structured program of obedience, environmental training and protection training. Every day is different for me and it's a wonderful experience being able to develop and work so many different dogs and knowing their individual personalities. It makes me very proud when protection dogs leave us to their new homes and the new owners comment how lovely they are and how well they adjust to their new situations. Prior to coming on board I had sixteen years experience in the private sector developing and training large breed working dogs. Read more about our protection dog trainers

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